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While I undersdtand the sentiments towards BRC, I think that we need to also look at who bankrolls them...

In some ways, I view BRC as earnest money put down for buying a house. The amount of money put down shows bank or buyer how seriuos you are about buying the house. In this case, how much money has PNW4WDA as an Association, our regions or our member clubs put into the coffers of BRC to show them that we are serious contenders in the event of a lawsuit on behalf of 4x4 enthusiasts? My guess would be very little at this point.

When you compare the money given to BRC by the snowmobilers and the ATV/cycle groups and then what we have been willing to do, I bet that they outstrip our donations by 5 to 1. Unfortunately, money talks and you are going to serve the ones that give it to you.

In talking to BRC, they have had no problem helping or guiding responses to appeals or how a process works. They are selective in what they are willing to fight legally because of money issues. In the case of Sled Springs, they were willing to fight the issue legally because the laws had been followed in regards to process. The quad folks in the area (who basically were the ones involved in the process and development of said OHV area) have anted up $5k for legal costs estimated to be $15-50K by the time they get done.

So, I guess what I am saying is, that we as an Association are going to get back from BRC what we put into it. Just like some of our members feel about our own association. My other thought is that we as a subgroup of recreationists involved in BRC, have not been good at being involved in BRC in recent years and have allowed the snowmobilers and ATV groups to take over, if you will. But it is all water under the bridge at this point as we have too many in our fold who hold grudges about what BRC has or has not done for us and not willing to try and improve the relationship or ask how to get out of them what we want...
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