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Default BRCís origins were for motorcycles, quads and snowmobiles and they have been effctive

Region 6 has donated way over 25 thousand dollars to BRC since the late 80’s. When we contacted them for strategy over the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes closures they refused to look at our works.

Santiam, Pine Mountain, Cline Falls TM Plans; when we asked for advice of BRC we never even got a phone call in return from them.

Region 6 then began investing in ourselves by banking our events proceeds into a trails-legal fund thereby taking charge of our own legal actions and defense of our own backyard, Region 6.

Deschutes County was a class II Mecca of trails in the 60’s. Motorcycles came along and demanded separate trails from class II rigs. A large amount of our trails went away, designated to single track and 50 inch limits, then horseback riders and so on started demanding exclusive trails until we are now the minority in an area that use to be named jeep trails on agency maps.

This scenario went throughout the west. BRC had for the majority of their efforts been creating single track and quad riding areas. The addition to BRC of other “users” has been an afterthought on their part. I would venture to guess necessity being the mother of invention. Meaning financing makes strange bedfellows. Sure bets are also I feel a calling card for BRC. Sure bets and media coverage; if the challenge is a high profile case they seem to address it.

Region 6 is still giving BRC monies however; we are working with them by giving BRC another 3000 dollars in the fight at 6 Rivers. This is money they requested of us. They say they have a basically open and shut case and approached several associations in our area for monies; Region 6 was just one they asked money from.

We won't get a house, we may get to keep a trail but there are no guarantees for the Class II users. BRC chooses their fight by their own stipulations. If BRC wins at 6 Rivers and their legal cost monies are returned by the win we will not get a refund.

PNW membership should not depend on BRC. PNW should find a lands lawyer who can stand up and defend our liberties in the public land arena. Enough monies are made by events within our organization to defend our own backyards. This is not pro PNW or anti BRC it is just an opinion, in today’s climate 4wheeling means being political if you want to keep what you have, and if you are going to be political you must have the tools.

Members of clubs who belong to two organizations and ask monies from one for the other organization cause emotions to win over common sense and character. Right now PNW’s code of ethics doesn’t say we will fight to the last man standing for our legal right to trails. I think it should. BRC is an effective organization it does what it was created to do. PNW is a great 4x4 organization it must evolve to do what its creators knew and had forethought to prepare for, we must as its current members take up the banner, charge and enter the arena prepared, lawyer or document or legislator in hand for our freedom to wheel as we wish be it in sand, dirt, mountain trail, snow, mud or rock.

No person, no organization nor any association is a better advocate for the 4x4 enthusiast, a Class II user, than The Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association.
Mona Drake

Deschutes County 4 Wheeler
(Trails Development Committee)
Harney County High Desert Wheeler
Region 6 PNW4WDA Secretary
South East Oregon Resource Advisory Council

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