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Back Country are the two words that need to be in every letter we write concerning lands matters. Back Country is open to all the Men and Women that work and play on public lands whether it is Forest Service or BLM.

Back Country is open to Motorized Vehicle travel for work and outdoor recreation. With a network of trails, thousands of miles long which are connected to all public lands. From Mexico to Canada trails spidering out to all the states that have connecting lands. Trails that are open to all Three Class of OHVs. Trails built form easy to very difficult with no one class of OHVs receiving preference over the other.

Back Country is a lofty goal that we all should be working on. Lands open to all the people and cannot be closed for any reason. Lands that cannot ever be turned into Wilderness, National Monuments, National Parks, ETC but open for Americans to Work and Recreate on particularly the largest user group which is motorized. Let the existing wilderness, National Monument, Parks, etc... be for hiking and back packing and the other lands left open to the American people.

Welcome to my dream; which apparently is not just mine; is it?
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