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Originally Posted by Offroadangie View Post
Well, here we go... As you know my name is Angie Marek and I am proud to be the newest president of our great Association. What you may not know is I grew up in the PNW4WDA as an Evergreen Conestoga Jeep Club member. My parents Dale & Sandy Mckee are still members and my mom led the way to getting me involved in the workings of the Association. I first held the position of PR for Region II and later served as both its Vice Director and then Director for several years. I met my husband Dan at the races and have been married for 28 years. Both of our children, Cassie age 26 and Brandon age 25 grew up in the PNW. They attended their first race at one week old and loved to race and go 4 wheeling in the woods. When I married Dan I became a Spanaway Moonshiner and am still proudly a member. My club is very active and supports the efforts and goals of the PNW4WDA.

I look forward to representing you and to answering your questions..

Bring it on!!!

Awe, this pesky internet stuff. Sorry Angie. I got the cart before the applehorse. Or something like that.

Here's what we are going to do folks. We are looking forward to Angies response to the questions. But I'm going to take a back seat.

We are going to finish up with Nichol and then Nichol will question Angie.

So here we go everybody.

What questions do you have for Nichol?
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