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Default Two weeks....

Since I had my Left Knee operated on.....

I Had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn Meniscus two weeks ago.

I was up and walking about three days after. Now at the two week mark I am walking longer distances each day and have no pain at all except at the end of my day.

I injured my knee while moving some locker/wardrobes at work (300LB monsters!) back in December last year. I filed the WC claim and finally got approval for the surgery in early March.

The MRI wasn't fun, but necessary.....

I tried Physical Therapy at first, but that didn't solve the problem....

Just thought you all might want to know since I haven't been here much.

I no longer work at Tongue Point Job Corps. It's a long story that I am currently fighting with management over.... (basically, they "found" a way to fire me legally.)

I plan on returning to school to finish my AA degree once my son is in school next year. For now I am running a table at our local Grange's Flea market four days a month, and helping where I can in the family biz....
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