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Hey Trashy I think you might be a little overboard here, this is not the NWW board. I personally know Jim and some of the trials and tribulations he has gone through here. This board would not be near what it is with out the input and mentoring Jim has put in. Jim worked hard to make this something I could let my kids look at and not worry about what they were seeing or reading. If it hurt your feelings then too bad but then you have that on your by line too. So I guess it wont bother you. Jim will be missed on the board, but will not be forgotten, he will make sure of that. I have been a board member for the PNW for more years than you can imagine, and Jim has been a great addition to this organization. I haven't seen much from you in relation to the PNW. Yes you do a lot for Trail watch and some other organizations but never for the PNW. Why is that? You cant join an organization that has rules and structure, and history? I guess that must be the reason. Any way take it easy on Jim, he did a lot more here than you would think. Thanks Jim for all you have done and all you will do!:super:
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