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I just got back from Edison, prepping for the run. Here is what I found:

-8 rigs in the parking lot with snow mobiles
-4 rigs with cross country skis on the roof
-2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow right out of the parking lot

I also met some Forest Service Personnel there and asked them if the 80 inch rule applies to over the snow and they said yes. I will be meeting with some higher ups at the F.S. Friday and will ask the question again.

I think that there is a good chance of even more snow machines on Saturday and since they have had a bummer of a snow season, we will NOT go to Edison this weekend. While it is legal, it is not prudent.


There is plenty of snow south of Edison that is not on a groomed trail for us to play in and there is no width restrictions either. So lets all meet at the Sunriver Shell on Saturday morning and leave from there. We will leave the Shell station at 9 am. sharp so be early.

There will be rocks, logs, hillclimbs and plenty of snow. Plan on a long day with little to no pavement from our jumping off point. There is plenty of parking for trailers and such. Pack a big lunch and lets go have some fun. Edison will still be there in a few weeks for us to enjoy and we will not have to ruin some snowmobilers last few weekends in the snow. Those guys have had a rough season as it is. Hope to see you there.
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