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Default 2010 Slab Clean-up (March 27th, 2010)

The Slab ORV Area Clean-up
Hosted by the Dust Dodgers, All Wheelers Off Road Club and ORV Trail Watch.
Saturday, March 27th, 2010

On Saturday March 27th, 2010 volunteers meet out at the Slab ORV Area to pickup trash to help keep the area open.
Here are a few pictures I took from the area I worked.

The sign in booth.

Deputy Sutliff came out to support the volunteer efforts.

Fatboy, Test Dummy and Fireman Bob.

Guido airing down.

Test Dummy's crew heading out.

Two of my kids went with Fatboy. Doc and Odo stayed to help 99 and I pickup around the sign in booth.


jeffs_62 & son.

Dust Dodgers trucks heading to the dump.

Time for lunch.

Jeepscum, Dirty Bill and Roller Bear.

Doc talking to Jeepscum about something important. LOL

Fish and kids.


Crawl Dad and Mama moving into another work area.

Roller Bear.

Crawl Mama and Crawl Dad working hard.

RDub and Test Dummy's crew hit the jackpot.

The volunteers picked up over 3700 lbs of trash on this day.
Thank you to all the came out and helped.
Thank you Dust Dodgers for paying the dump fees.
Thank you Stroke-This for the trash bags.
Thank you for helping us cover the cost of advertising.
Clay Graham

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