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As for being a PNW member growing up and how it has affected me…..well I can think of two very specific moments that being a jeep club kid had an impact on me. Does anyone remember that commercial on television it was a Native American watching someone litter and the ad ends with him shedding a tear? I think it was a “Keep America Green” initiative and as kids we were always picking up trash after all of our events. Our Club gave away prizes for whoever could find the most garbage or cans to recycle. That ad always reminded me that the land we drive on does not belong to me; I’m just borrowing it so leave it just as I found it, if not better. The other moment was when Cascade 4x4’s went out and packaged up bags of groceries and delivered them door to door in the Orting area. This was back in the 70’s during the Boeing layoffs which led to some hard times. My dad made me knock on the door of some strangers house and wait for someone to open it up and give them the bags. They always looked so surprised, shocked and then grateful. These lessons were about being a steward to nature and to human kind- very impactful lessons for a 7 year old.
As for my two girls, they are excellent trash hunters while on the trail. We always have bags on board. They seem to get a lot of enjoyment out of Beach Clean Up, Pick Up a Mountain and recently we participated in a Wheelers of Washington cleanup at Tahuya.
I would love for them to continue to be PNW members. I get a charge out of watching them have a great time camping as I did as a kid. I hope they make friends with other kids and that they have long lasting friendships. I want them to continue camping and enjoy the smell of campfire smoke and getting stung by nettles but having a great time while they are at it.
My involvement with PNW4WDA now is one of preserving the ability for my kids to enjoy the sport as I do. Our sport is changing, the dynamics are different and we are becoming the endangered specie. I see it as an opportunity to bring the long time members together with new people and bring forth some new ideas.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your Biography series.
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