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First, why I wanted to be president... I have wanted to run for office for well over 12 years but first I wanted to get both our kids through school. As it ended up they both have graduated college, Cassie from Eastern WA Univ and Brandon from WSU. Now just seemed like the right time and both my family and my club were behind me 110%. I love this Association and have enjoyed growing up in it and raising our kids in it. In the past 50 years we have helped to provide and preserve many 4 wheeling opportunities for our members. I see us continuing the fight both on the ground and through the internet.
I love to 4 wheel but my passion is racing. There is that rush you get over and over! Growing up there were a couple of racers I admired and wanted so much to compete with, one was Betty Jolly and the other was Tootie Trummert. If my time could be anywhere close to them I was estatic. The thing is whether you trophy or not isn't the point, it's having fun and doing the best you can. This is such a family organization and I don't mean biologicly speaking. We all watch out and take care of each other.

For Jim's question... yes I remember being very pregnent and 4 wheeling. Do you also remember the Region II PR roller skating party at Tiffany's in Puyallup when I was 8 months along? That was quite a sight!

Next question????
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