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Both parties are full of lecherous idiots that should be hung for treason so I could care less about party lines. I can think of a handful of people in office currently that I'd vote for in the future but I'd still like to see all the bums out in November...

I vote on the constitution period. If someone doesn't hold the simple ideals that were written down by a group of patriot farmers true they don't get my vote again. Some people took a chance and voted for change in Washington... Well we got it now don't we?
It's big, its pink and does less damage to the trail than your narrow little visa built mall crawler.

If anything I do or say offends you then good. Political Correctness has done what for us exactly? It is time to adopt the tactics of the opposition before you are defeated by your own unwillingness to risk offending those that wish to destroy our hobby and way of life.
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