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Default Countyline Offroaders !!

On September 23, 1995, my husband Dan, his 2 best buddies and our son Brody went to a poker run up at Evans Creek hosted by the Offroad Animals. Dan and I were not famililar with the PNW at the time. Towards the end of the day our Jeep went over the side and our lives changed forever. Our friend Clint died, my son was in a coma for 4 months, Dan was banged up pretty bad and our friend Dale was in Harborview for some time and had to learn how to use his get-away sticks all over again.
On that day we started learning about the PNW and were amazed at the total strangers jumping in to help save the lives of our family. That group of people, in my opinion, had an enormous part of saving our son's life. It was a few years before we were invited by friends to join the Edgewood Hillwilly's, which we did. We tried out two clubs and then decided to start our own in 2008 with other folks....The Countyline Offroaders.
The PNW has stepped in not only once in helping our family, but twice. Dan had the unfortunate accident at the 2006 Summer Convention in which his arm just about came off after hitting a barrel coming through the finish on a relay race. Once again the folks of the PNW stepped in and helped us in ways that humbled us to the core. What an amazing group of people we have in this organization! I know how proud we are to be a part of this and only hope we can give back as much as this organization and it's people have given us.
Okay....I'm done. I guess I was just supposed to tell you what club I was in huh? : )
Tiffany Morris-Countyline Offroaders (delegate & trustee) & Region 2 Ways & Means, Real Deal Doe Run Member[/size]
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