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Art, that was a horrendously negative, defeatist and condescending response to a very well researched and well written letter. If we adopted your attitude, then we should all just sell our rigs and stay home. Fortunately, there are many who feel otherwise. There were numerous members of the PNW board, both from Oregon and Washington, in attendance at the Forest Service meeting who believe their input and their participation could bring about positive change.

You may not realize it, but you are not the only PNW member who serves on a RAC. And your “closer feel” is much different than other RACs and much different than some Forest Service personnel “from the very top.”. In addition, some of our PNW representatives are working personally with those very same FS personnel “from the very top” to promote and protect our access to our public lands. We have found that our personal meetings with those in charge of the Forest Service at the Regional level and higher are very beneficial.

I am not sure just why the FS and the BLM in the remote eastern part of Oregon feel that multiple use will not be important, but fortunately, others from across this great country feel differently. You are entitled to your opinion, but we encourage everyone to write to the Forest Service and express your desires. Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t roll over and play dead. Don’t accept closure as the only option. If you think those in charge of your local forest are not listening to you, keep writing, keep calling. Find out who their supervisors are and write to them also. Meet with them, talk to them and speak your right. If you have to continue to do this until you reach those from “the very top” then so be it.

I want to personally thank each of our PNW members who took the time to attend these meetings and to thank each member who wrote a comment. I also want to thank each member who provides positive and constructive support to the PNW land use volunteers. Your words of kindness, your calls of support and your prayers for our success are always appreciated and always welcome. Condescending negativity is not productive.
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