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Just got home within the past hour. Had to swing by the District office and take care of some paperwork. Then I went out and picked up a coworker to take to Truck Fest this weekend. Experienced the pass being closed, then chains required. Finally made the trek without having to chainup but things were slow.

Was really good to attend the Peak Putter's meeting last night. Helps out being able to put a face to a username. You guys had a good turnout. Does a soul good to know you have such an active group. Keep up the Good Work.

I'll post up an introduction and a calendar. Maybe we can get together for a run this summer. We can work out something either in the Cle Elum or hopefully in the Naches. I'll be in touch.

I hope to put a lot of time in the Forest putting tread down on the ground this summer. We also have an overniter up at Galagher Head this summer. Its a sleeping bag tenting run. I think that is in August. If you've never been there its something you should experience. I posted up a couple of pictures about how big the Misquitoes are. Look them up there are in this forum somewhere.

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