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Jim, thanks for the information.

Did anybody make note of the other roads Ian mentioned that were open to motorized recreation? Where and what are these? I'm guessing just forest service roads?

Originally Posted by Nichol View Post
don't get too excited. I gave the flyer to my husband who deals with these issues all too frequently due to Environmental Impact Statements and studies. He says this is a "done deal", we had our chance to make our voice heard during the "Comment" period.

I think we need to hold the FS accountable for the winter closure- this seems to be acceptable, it's the "other" extra closures that will hurt us- the closures during the summer months will be hard to swallow. At this point they seemed open to hearing more comment, however I'm not sure if this was a gesture to calm us down. I think the ink has dried on the paperwork, as they stated and it is done.

I hope this is not the case.
Unfortunately this is the impression that I came away with too. It felt like it didn't matter that we were making legitimate points and had valid concerns, their decision had been made years ago and now they are going to force us to deal with it.

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