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So I'm kind of curious of who the ORV Alliance is........and what they are about.

This is what bothers me......

"If you'd like more information about private ORV park opportunities, or to join in the cause for an ORV park in NW washington, please give us some details below."

I think the idea of private orv parks is great - IF WE HAVE NO OTHER OPTION. But I'm not going to show my support of something like that UNTIL I have NO other wheeling areas available to me.

I would much rather put my money towards donating and volunteering to the forest service or DNR or BLM or towards fighting to keep our trails open to the public.

But the last thing I want to convey is that I would rather spend my money on a private park than do the things that I am doing. This just makes me think of a lot of other states that don't have open wheeling areas. That is not what I want.

In my opinion letting it be known that we as wheelers would be "ok" with paying fees at a private park instead of our open wheeling areas is a bad idea.

I will not be taking this survey.

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