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Just an update on the project. I decided that since I write articles for a Mopar based website (and a couple others) I should probably update this site too.

First the back story: If some of you remember me from the Operation Shore Patrol on the Long Beach Peninsula a couple years or so ago, you probably heard this thing lumping along on 4 out of six cylinders.....

It's got low compression throughout, but Cylinders 1,3 and 6 are the lowest at roughly 30 PSI. Not good.....

I shut it down shortly after OSP and began researching my options, then I got super busy at work and home and put it on hold. I was injured late last year and now have the time to work on this again during my recovery.

This is just the beginning. There is more to come....Lots more!

How to remove the front facia from a 1987-1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ. Other years are similar.

Tools needed:
13MM Socket - 3/8 Dr.
7MM Socket - 1/4 dr.
Phillips screwdriver

1) Remove the Corner Marker Lights and headlight trim. Two Phillips screws per light. Also remove the two other Phillips screws that secure the headlight trim. These are on the inside, next to the grill. Light bulb sockers are a quarter twist and they pop out.

2) Remove the Grill by removing the 8 Phillips screws that secure it. I chose this photo so you can see where the screw tabs are for the grill. Also remove the Parking lights by removing the 2 Phillips screw per light. The Parking light socket are a quarter twist and they pop out.

3) Remove the side corner trim by removing the 7MM bolts that hold each trim piece on. This will reveal four hidden 13MM nuts that hold the header panel to the fenders. Only two 13MM nuts per side.

4) Raise and support the hood at this point (or earlier as I did) as you will need to access the four 13MM nuts at the top, backside of the header panel. Remove these nuts and the header panel will slide forward off the studs on the fenders that help to align the panel when it is in place. Unplug the headlight sockets and remove the panel. There is a connector on the drivers side that you can unplug and simply take the harness and header panel as one piece. I chose to leave the harness in place for now.

5) All done! The header panel is removed gives you access to the radiator core support as well as the A/C condenser. I will cover removal of these in later articles.

I put all the screws I removed, back on their positions so I wouldn't lose them. Some need to be replaced, so this is an easy way to remember what goes where. I also tucked the headlight harness in behind the bumper for now. I am amazed at how skinny the headlight wires are!

You don't need to pull the grill (unless it has issues like mine), but it does make for a better handhold with it out of the way....

You may not need to pull the header panel as well to pull the engine, but I did, just to gain some extra room to work. Engine, trans, transfer case are going to pulled at once......
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