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Default AWORC Wenas Wildlife Area Quad/Bike Run (April 25, 2010)

Now know this is a 4x4 rig forum but this run was on the same roads we run rigs on so I thought I would share.

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
Wenas Wildlife Area Quad/Bike Run
Sunday April 25th, 2010

Jeepscum camp and picked me up for the run.

We drove the few miles over to the LT and unloaded at Durr Road.

A few miles up Durr Road we took a break.

"1955 m38a1" tried out Jeepscum's quad.

After "1955 m38a1" got back we headed up to the towers for the view.

Next stop was the Oasis where we saw signs of new mudding.

How to hang on training or something.

We headed back toward the parking area. We turned down Bell Tel Road and Jeepscum stopped to stand up a Green Dot marker.

I hung back to get some pics.

Test Dummy was behind me and getting beat up by the rocks in the road as we camp down the hill.

I waved Test Dummy by so I could get more picks without holding him up.

Here "1955 m38a1" had to re-tie his extra gas down.

We stopped for another break near the bottom.


On Durr Road heading back.

It was very dusty on Durr Road.

This was a very fun run thanks to all who came.
Clay Graham

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