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Default Bald is beautiful for bright lights

Here is a challenge to all of the other clubs of the PNW4WDA for a super great cause. Are you familiar with Operation Light Saber? We all spend enough money on our junk that you probably get Off-Road Adventures magazine. It is the advertising arm of 4 Wheel Parts and they have a program where they raise money to send off road lights to our troops in harms way so that they can identify IEDs before they become an issue. My club is having a fund raiser to raise money for this cause and I'd sure like to get to $300, because the magazine editor has offered to pony up an addition $100 to the cause if we do. Please consider a donation to the cause sent to the Peak Putters by May 5th, or better yet, take on this challenge in each of your clubs.

I do ask that the money goes to our treasurer, Sveta, or to myself (I will give it to Sveta), any checks made out to Peak Putters with a memo for Operation Light Sabre, so that the donation comes as a gift from the Peak Putters to Operation Light Sabre.

Please check out the link and read the letters from our troops. Can you imagine if our effort brought just one soldier safely home to their spouse and family?

Checks to: Peak Putters of TriCities
Address: 1211 W 30TH AVE
Please memo... Operation Light Saber or OLS
(but, any checks sent to this address in the near term I will assume are for OLS.)
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