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GPS is good if you know how to read one as well as give coordinates based on one. I am what most consider an electronic guru. I always have the latest and greatest gadgets and such, BUT I cannot figure out GPS coordinates no matter what I do.

I do know how to read Section, Township and Range on maps so at least if I can't give GPS coord's I can give S, T & R.
So when you find a bearing post in the forest you know where you are and can pinpoint yourself on the map. That is a skill not many have.

You can run your GPS in what is known as UTM. Was developed by the military. It's so easy that the grunts can work it. Will tell you (in our area) that you are xxx meters east of zone 10 and xxx meters north of the equator. Most FS maps are grided with UTM. Very easy to pinpoint yourself on a map within 10 meters. You can also on most GPS's show UTM and LAT, LON at the same time. Makes it easy to learn LAT LON.

A number of years ago the PNW4WDA had a GPS Seminar. We should discuss doing that again.

I still vote that for the trails section they (the trail) should be listed within the FS or DNR section the trail is in.

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