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Woo. The first Few nice days of sun, and I got to open my jeep like an Xmas present! No real offroading yet, but I got to roll around town and take a few one lane roads in the hills.

Man, you couldn't remove that smile from my face with a sledgehammer!

Finaly got all the electrical work taken care of, got some updated front running lights while at it so I have blinkers front and back (and the front ones fit snug and nice in the holes left by the old runninglights). Still some sort of short in the system that's draining the battery if I let it sit too long, but the easy fix on that for now is just to disconnect the battery when not in use.

I also found out that my rear seat, when folded down, collects water like a bucket. I uprighted it only to have water run like a waterfall! Whoops!

Still a few things I need to get fixed before I'll try proper offroad, like getting a little work done on the distributer (currently zero room between it and the firewall, so it rubs when the engine runs).

Anyways, I'm just so happy to be able to wheel around! Hopefully I'll find more work soon and can continue the upgrades.

Oh, few more detailson the jeep itself. Has an offset Dana40 in the rear, Dana20 in front (which I'm definatly going to replace when i can afford it), And I'm not really sure, but think the tech said Dana20 trans.

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