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We listen to everyone especially our members whom we represent. That's why if you look at the Thread going on NWW about this I said We don't have a opinion as yet. We will discuss this at the next region meeting on Thursday 5/20/10 but some on line discussion on here is great as well. The FS has been looking at ways to keep the trails within the guidelines that they MUST follow. I have a feeling that there will be new restrictions coming down the line. This may effect width , tire size, length, . We are already seeing time restrictions on when the trails will be open.

I see no reason as to why not to discuss it here. No matter where we do discuss it what ever is said will find its way out onto the web anyway. As I said We will discuss at the region meeting and the region will tell Derick and myself what our position is going to be and we will work with that.
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