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Originally Posted by Nichol View Post
At some point there really needs to be some discussion about width requirements on trails.
Going forward all of our vintage, narrow rigs (my 74.5 inches will already be illegal at Evans and I roll on 33's) will be in the minority. If you check out all of the newer jeeps that will be modified are built from the factory- are already wider without modifications. I am looking for the specs sheet, but almost all of the newer jeeps are over this width requirment. When are we going to catch up to reality? If we want to attract new members and share the joy of offroading this will have to be considered. Please tell me someone is listening to me? Please also feel free to move this to wherever it needs to be posted, probably not here.
I am listening Nichol & couldn't agree more.

We should be working with the Forest Service to rewrite these outdated regulations that DO NOT apply in today's world. I understand that 70 inches hub-to-hub was absolutely appropriate when these areas were originally developed, BUT times have changed & so have the rigs we see using our trails.

Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
We listen to everyone especially our members whom we represent. That's why if you look at the Thread going on NWW about this I said We don't have a opinion as yet. We will discuss this at the next region meeting on Thursday 5/20/10 but some on line discussion on here is great as well. The FS has been looking at ways to keep the trails within the guidelines that they MUST follow. I have a feeling that there will be new restrictions coming down the line. This may effect width , tire size, length, . We are already seeing time restrictions on when the trails will be open.

I see no reason as to why not to discuss it here. No matter where we do discuss it what ever is said will find its way out onto the web anyway. As I said We will discuss at the region meeting and the region will tell Derick and myself what our position is going to be and we will work with that.
I guess I will see you at the next region meeting then
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