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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
Taking your comments into consideration & the width poll we started awhile it safe to assume the region will advise you to fight the width restriction?

If you click on the link above, you will notice that only 22% of the rigs would satisfy the 70 inch rule currently on the FS rulebooks.

A similar width poll over on NWW only had 8% of rigs that would meet the 70 inch rule.

Let's hear some discussion.
I simply cant say Bryan. We will have to wait to discuss it and hear. Their direction will make my position on the matter. Do you remember the fiasco that happened last time when someone played chicken little and got everyone all riled up over lies and rumors ? Its NOT gonna happen from my end. There will be a process to follow and we will follow it Things like this just dont happen over night so theres no panic or need for a knee jerk responce.
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