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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
I am listening Nichol & couldn't agree more.

We should be working with the Forest Service to rewrite these outdated regulations that DO NOT apply in today's world. I understand that 70 inches hub-to-hub was absolutely appropriate when these areas were originally developed, BUT times have changed & so have the rigs we see using our trails.

I guess I will see you at the next region meeting then

Be careful with the above statement. There is much said that applies but the full story has not been stated. The width restriction may not apply to todays vehicle standard but what else also does not apply to todays standard. Has anyone here other than myself ever been to a White River meeting and heard from Bob Pacific that under todays regulations Evans Creek could not be built? I have heard that not only from Bob. The FS was speaking from soil conditions to water quality and other enviromental/ecological concerns that Evans Creek would not meet the standards in place today.

There is much that does not meet "Todays Standard".
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