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Originally Posted by zukkev View Post
Nothing wrong with a CJ Clay...
The old style Jeeps look cooler than the new ones to a lot of people I talk to. The older the better they like them. The REAL JEEP. I have to say I like the CJ2 and CJ3A the best but not as wheelers. A stock TJ when new was a total better rig than a stock 75 CJ5 new. The stock TJ when it was new was better because it is longer and wider not to flop as easy, coil springs for more flex for traction and better ride, fuel inject that don't cut out on hills or at high altitudes and in my opinion better drivetrain. Over the years I have wheeled with a lot of CJs and never cared for the way the looked to handle on the trail. The ones I rode in on the trail scared me in the places where my XJ just drove through. Kind of like the Sami I just traded off. I guess I am not cut out for the extra adventure you get with these leaf spring light weight rigs.
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