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sent them the following message in their "blow the whistle" area

PEER seem to be heading more and more into eco nazi land. Our thats OUR public lands are just that. Agencys are there(and rangers) to manage lands for all Americans. Maybe if Peer was to adapt a policy to create and manage ORV use instead of trying to lock us out at every oppertunity there wouldnt be so many issues. ORV use is one of the fastest growing recreations in the country. PEER needs to get on board and help manage this growth in a positive way. The sport is NOT going away. Closing OUR lands just creates more illegal activity when flustated users have no place left to enjoy. Jim Putman Region 2 landmatters chair. Pacific Northwest 4 wheel Drive Assoc.

Send them a message. Remember public employees work for us they shouldnt be working against us.
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