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Default Airplane Hill Trail is now reopened 30 May 2010

Airplane Hill is open, have fun !

Here is a cross post from the web site
Thanks to Gary of the Cascade Cruisers & all the others that committed their time & energy on the recent trail work party.

The Airplane Hill trail is open for now. Additional boulders/ work are needed to complete the repairs. The trail maybe closed for maintenance work or additional damage assessments sometime ( soon?). Remember to tread lightly & help us keep this trail open . It's every ones trail .

As Gary said, use tree straps when winching . If you MUST stack rocks ( )to make the trail, please have the courtesy to remove when your done! Pick up trash when you see it.

Have fun & could you guys post up some trail reports & pictures of this trail ? I haven't had the chance to run it recently ssooo let us know what you think!

Thanks again to all.

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