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Default Bill Lider writes again

A copy of this email was forwarded to me today. This guy has it in for OHV period. Some of you may know who he is and most of you will soon find out. The guys is way off base and will fabricate and spin evidence. We are dealing with this guy at Reiter. But now he has turned his sights on Walker Valley also.

Most of this email seems to be frustration because his ego was bruised. How ever he starts off totally mis-guided. He claims that DOE is coming to Walker on his behest, nothing could be farther from the truth. Jim Cahill called DOE and set up a date for June 8th after the letter Lider sent to Goldmark in regard "Serious Water Quality Violation" at Walker Valley. We are taking a proactive position at Walker and this guy want the credit. Anyway here is the email I received today. I may personally respond to this guy and ask him a few pointed questions, like; Do you check the water quality of all stream that are crossed by hiking trails? or Do you always wait until an area has 9/10th of a inch of rain in a few hours before you check water quality or do you do multiple samplings over a lengthy period to come to your conclusions?

Feel free to email this guy and ask him why he hate us. But!, be respectful and non-threatening.

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