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Originally Posted by Ceg_ View Post
With more people heading to the hills to recreate and fewer public lands in which to do so, this kind of problem isn’t going away, said Mark Mauren, statewide recreation program manager for the Department of Natural Resources.

“The real tragedy is if you look at the history of development of recreation trails, both motorized and non-motorized, you’ll see the majority of investment was done in the ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s,” Mauren said. “Since then — whether you’re talking about state parks, the Department of Natural Resources, the Forest Service or whoever — we as a society really haven’t invested at the same level, and yet our population has doubled.

“We haven’t been able to adapt to that change or even have the staff to manage this influx of people so that we don’t have these impacts that we’re seeing across the state.

“And it’s good people; these are well-intentioned people, but they just have nowhere to recreate, whether motorized or non-motorized. In my mind, that’s really the tragedy.”
Mark's comments seem pretty fair.
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