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Thanks for the help guys.

After being the idiot I am, I finaly checked the one connection I didn't think to check and I'm kicking myself for not doing it first.

Basicly, the lead off the battery to the main fuse was bad. (not the big wire, the little 10 gauge one). It was taped up and wraped in protective cover, but lo and behold when I pulled it apart, the connector splice the wires together was not even holding the wires together.

Chalk another one up to the guy I bought this from, it's been one shoddy bit of work after another, but I got it fixed now! And my jeep runs!....

Now if Only I had figured that out saturday, or even yesterday. I think it bummed me out enough to not go to the Elbe fun run. Sorry about that! I shouldn't take things so seriously!

Again, thanks for the input guys!
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