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Ahh dang it, Dean mentioned it was the THIRD Thursday, so we were thinking of coming---we already missed it. Our club isn't very big as far as number of people, but if space is limited, one or two of us can come.
We all have Jeeps, with a couple of token yotas and zuk's, but I'm the widest one, I have a full-width dana 60 and 44. There's only one spot at Evans that gives me greif on the 198, and then another on the Sunrise at Elbe. I haven't measured, but I am wider than a standard jeep running dana 30/35.
Dean is building me a high pinion dana 60 front end to go with my 60 rear and already going to narrow it. I was planning on getting the rear narrowed up also, but if there's a restriction that's going to be imposed, I'd definitely want to know what that measurement is so I can narrow it up enough.
I also heard they may impose a tire height restriction (which doesn't make sense to me). Any truth to that?

My club is a bunch of 40+somethings, very responsible wheeling, and very environmentally conscious. Not a bunch of kids out to tear up the trails. We would love to have input and/or be a part of any kind of regulations that may be imposed. Keep me informed, thanx!
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