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Mr Gibby Let me tell you what I have learned.. since you volunteered me for Region Director.

If you want a Voice in the PNW4WDA, Send a Club Delegate to the meetings and inject your Opinion, Or heck come yourself and inject your Opinion, your voice will be heard. Ask Brian from WOW/PNW4WDA his voice is heard, his Logic is considered.

We Can Not. and Will Not Speak for any Non Member. We can not afford to. The PNW4WDA has worked too hard for two many years to gain the trust and respect of the Members of the Forest service and DNR to Start trying to represent parts of the four wheeling community that we have no control or influence over.

The Non Members of the PNW4WDA that want to make a difference in the wheeling community are the ones that come to the focus group meeting.

Sir I apologize if this seams Harsh but it's the way things are. We really could use some young Blood to get involved, as I have said since Day one of my Tenure as Region 2 Director. If there is anything I can do to help our wheeling community and this Great Organization Please tell me what it is.
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