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Default online Radio station

Hey Folks My Friend Bailey and I have voulenteered to DJ at Country gold

And today we were given permission to produce an Offroad Raido Show

So here I am asking yoour Opinions. What would you like to hear? Trail reports? Hey if you all go wheeling could you email me some trail conditions
Like hey folks this just in from the peekputters the Shelf on Alder trail at elbe has become almost un passable, or this just in from DogpoundOffroad there is an Abandon truck on mainline trail at Elbe...

So if you guys could Chime in here, oh and by the way one of our own Muddiechick is on tuesday and wednesday from Noon till 4PM that is

hey so Give me your Opinion also if you have events coming up send me an email with the Point of contact info and what you want said and i'll broadcast it. send it to my for now till they get my countrygoldnetwork radio email up

I'm open for suggestions?
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