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Originally Posted by Merrick Graves View Post
The other thing that should be noted is that when I am out alone I would not call it wheeling. It's more like taking a drive in the forest. Anything that I encounter that has a challenge to it is walked beforehand. If there is risk that is deemed excessive I avoid. I know the trails well enough to avoid some when I'm alone and that I can use the roads to get around. That somewhat helps in the sense that I can leepfrog thru a trail system and cover more ground when use is light. I am exploring if I want to use a motorcycle for some of my patrols. You can really get around on some of the trails with a bike. Althouth some trails are so covered with rocks it would not be prudent to ride a m/c. The thing about Education/Enforcement is making your presence known and making contacts with everyone.
And we are glad to see you guys out there. People tend to follow the rules better knowing someone maybe watching and they could get in trouble if caught doing something illegal. I believe stopping damage before it starts is the key to keeping trails open.
Clay Graham

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