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Originally Posted by Peppermint Patti View Post
It is so VERY RARE to have openings to Jamboree. People, this is the best vacation for your money!!! The people are great, the raffles are fantastic, the trails are awesome and the camping is wonderful!!! It is a highlight of our year and we can hardly wait.

Being from the far away planet of Central Oregon, we have taken advantage of Jamboree to get to know soooo many people from all around the northwest. We have made lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. We even go on an annual vacation in August with friends who we met at Jamboree many years ago.

If your schedule allows, I highly recommend claiming the last remaining spots. You will NOT be disappointed!!!
Hi Patty,

It was great meeting you and your husband. Sorry you had to break your ankle on our run up to the rocks.

I always enjoy putting screen names to faces. And you are right, it is one of the best vacations for your money. Had a great time this year just like the other times I have gone.

( I drive the black Toyota 4runner with red door)
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