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Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
I sent a e-mail off to see if I could get a little more info as to the why and how long of this.
Here is the jest of it: Hello TWIG Member:

Hope your summer is going well.

This note is to let you know two recent happenings regarding the motorized trail systems on the Naches District:

1. The South Fork Tieton Watershed Restoration Temporary Closure Order is now signed. Staff will begin signing the closure area on the ground beginning Friday, July 16. This Order prohibits motorized travel on system roads and jeep trails within the closure area until project completion. The project will decommission approximately 1.0 mile of system road, relocate approximately 0.5 miles of system jeep trail, convert approximately 1.0 mile of system road to system jeep trail (and remove four barrier culverts on fish bearing streams), decommission approximately 0.3 miles of system jeep trail from Grey Creek trailhead, convert approximately 0.3 mile of user trail to system jeep trail, and construct approximately 0.1 mile of new system jeep trail. Plans are to have this project finished and the area reopened by the end of the season. The temporary restrictions have been made to protect public safety and resources during road decommissioning, culvert removal and trail conversion work. Please contact Gary Torretta at 509-653-1433 if you have questions.

The following four wheel drive trails and roads are affected: Four Wheel Driveway #642 (Butcher Knife), from Four Wheel Driveway #640 (Memorial Meadow) to Four Wheel Driveway #615 (Divide Ridge West), approximately 3.7 miles
Four Wheel Driveway #640, from FR 1050-583 to junction with Four Wheel Driveway #638 (Rocky Slide), approximately 2.7 miles
Four Wheel Driveway #621 (Blue Slide), from Grey Creek Campground to junction with Four Wheel Driveway # 636 (Donnicker Pass), approximately 3.7 miles
Non-system Four Wheel Driveway starting from the 1000-639 road, ford of Spruce Creek, to Four Wheel Driveway #621 (approximately 1.0 mile)
Forest Road 1050, southerly of the 1050-583 spur, and including all connecting spur roads (582, 583, and 589).
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