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Originally Posted by Rubiclone View Post
Did you guys get a permit to be on the closed Naches trail? Or did you just come up to the pass from the east side but you also disscribed the west entrance?
Here is the email generated from my phone conversation with Bob. It should be noted that the Trail Jamboree as well as the PNW4WDA Naches Land manager Dave Bauman (who does most of the work) works to ready this trail for the official opening. The opening of the trail depends on trail conditions as viewed by Bob. In years past because of snow the Trail Jamboree has been denied use of the trail. We will continue to work with the FS on this and other matters. Please note the message in Bob's email. We need help and would like to ally you to get the message out.

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Hi Karen.
I did speak with Merrick Graves this morning and notified him that the Naches west side will be ok for the jamboree on the 7th. I also mentioned the fact there was damage to the trail from users disregarding the Nov 15 to July 15th closure. The trail would have been in great shape except for the fact that several holes and drainage issues were created from use during the closure and wet conditions. Merrick agreed and completely understood the delemma. This seems to be a broken record every year and I am getting frustrated to the point that next year I may not open it for the jamboree if there is damage from users disregarding the closure. I know this likely is not folks in the jamboree but they can circulate this message through the grapevine quickly and hopefully educate the renegades that are causing the damage.

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