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Originally Posted by Dave McMains View Post
I am sorry you guys feel that way. Back in the day, the shoestring and the Kaner , and all the other trails for that matter, used to be that way too,(tight) but bigger rigs were allowed to "try" the trails and now you can take a "semi" through them. So now the guys with the small rigs have a trail that will give them a challenge, and you think it is unfair. I think you are a little "narrow" minded in your thinking. Be glad that a trail that was closed, is open again! Maybe you should go and play at Reiter.... ooops I forgot they closed it because too many big rigs went in there and tore it up! Dont call when something good occurs but dosent allow you to participate. Check one of my bylines, Build your rig to fit the trails, dont change the trails to fit your rig. This pretty much says it all.
I do remember those days, but it was the lumber companies that went in an punched in the roads that opened the Kaner also. I do remember the L-Rsnk before it was dropped down into the bottom of the draw. I was hoping it would be put back up on the sidehill as it was

I for one am not a 'reiter type' as you're referencing, so who's being narrow minded. I have built my jeep for the trails and have kept in mind ALL the trails when building it. I've put in many weekends, days & hours in re-opening the L-Rnsk & other trails over the years, as it was always our groups lead in into Rimrock.

I can accept the limitiations, I have no choice, I'm just dissapointed that I can't continue to run this trail, due to reasons that I feel were part of an agenda... I won't get into a debate on this as it'll come out in the year to come I'm sure. As it is on another forum, this agenda was laid out by a reputable source IMO

The direction of thought to me should be towards the one's who feel that they have the right to modify the trails to fit their selfish needs by cutting down trees,mudding the meadows etc. These are the one's who are ruining it for us all, these are the one's IMO that should have the penalties applied to...just my rant
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