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Default All Wheelers Rimrock Run (July 17, 2010)

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
Rimrock Run

July 17, 2010

On July 17, 2010 we met up on FS1202 and unloaded the trail rigs.
We first hit trail 4W609. There was a lot of by-passes, unmarked trails and deep ruts.
The dry flat part of the trail were a challenge to get through with my aired down 33s. I had to stay out of the ruts since I was dragging diffs.



We came up on a nice hill climb. The Tweety Jeep walked up with ease.

I was parking when Havo came up. Next was Waycrazy.

We watched Waycrazy's front tires leave the ground a few times.

Sorry about the bad pic.

Sparky74CJ's turn.

Sparky74CJ's rig walked up pretty well.

Dirty had fun taking the harder lines up.

On up the trail we found a tree down across the trail so Havo cut it and we moved it.

Here we stopped to regroup.

Some how we came down 4W608. We turned off and took 4W610 to FS1202. At this point Sparky74CJ and Waycrazy headed back to their tow rigs.

We headed up to FS1201 then ran the upper part of 4W608.

At this point and had a choice of running off camber or up this deep rutted chute.
Since my 33s were not tall enough, I took the off camber trail around. Havo and Dirty drove up the chute.

Here comes my Co-pilot. He was out taking pics.

Havo working it.

At the top of 4W608 at 4W613 we found someone left a campfire hot in the trail and there trash.
We had to pull out the trash to let it cool before picking it up.

I took some pics as the trash cooled down.

After we got the trash picked up and campfire out, we moved back down 4W608.

There is one spot on the trail that has a tree of many colors.
My back tire came off the ground and I use the rain gutter to stop the XJ from flopping.
Havo was telling me to turn and he didn't see a big rock he drove onto causing him to flop over.

HavoJr had a hard time getting out.

Dirty winched Havo's rig back onto it wheels.

Now it was Havo's turn with the tree of many colors.

On down the trail we turned off 4W608 and onto 4W608A coming out at Long Lake.

You can see Havo's new carnage.

We stopped for a short break at Long Lake.

This was our last stop before running the forest roads back to the tow rigs.

This was a very fun trip thanks to all who came.
Clay Graham

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