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I want to thank those that made the time to show up for last nights meeting. We had a few members present as well as a WOW represenitive. Present were. Bob and Arlene Brooks(Washington state Dir), Lee Benoun(Hombres), Edward Campbell (region 2 dir.), Jacob(Rainer ridge rams), Grant (WOW), Myself and a couple of others whose full names I cant remember (senior moments)

I came prepared to speak but with the numbers present I knew they wouldn't be allowing everyone to speak so I yielded my time to Arlene.

Jacob your post is both disrespectful and not very accurate. Arlene came prepared with a well written presentation. There was a woman in the audience that rudely interrupted her by asking her to repeat who she represented. This caused some confusion and the members of the panel were repeating the name at the same time as Arlene was trying to. If you listen to your video you can hear very clearly that Arlene stated our name very clearly. It was the rude woman that created the mess and killed Arlene's presentation. As someone who has been in that position many times I can tell you its very hard to recover your composure when such a thing happens. Being under a 2 minute limit just adds to the pressure. Maybe if you had a little experience in these matters you wouldn't be so quick to judge others that are trying to make a difference. I also will say that when I asked you if you had signed up to speak you told me no. So if this is all so important to you and your so well versed on these issues why didn't you sign up to speak ? Its this kind of bashing on our officers and represenitives that makes so many people want to raise their hand and take on these jobs for us.

Thanks Arlene for all that you do for us
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