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Default Save the Ta-Ta's Run!!!!

Deschutes County 4-Wheelers will be hosting a "Save the Ta-Ta's Run" on Sunday, August 15th. We will be leaving the westside McDonald's on NW 14th Street at 9:00 a.m.

Rules: Men must dress in pink drag, large ta-ta's and lots of leg (mandatory). Women are driving and also wearing pink. Bring a little cash for a raffle. It might be good for people to bring both ice water for drinking (coolers with spigots) and water for rinsing off or having water fights (regular camping canisters, portable showers, water guns, etc.) if it's hot and dusty. They should also bring swim gear and MORE cash in case we make it all the way to Elk Lake for lunch and swimming.

This is a fundraiser for the local Sara Fisher Breast Cancer Project. Just a reminder for the guys: you can play with your own ta-ta's all day long and not get slapped!!!
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