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Originally Posted by JeepNirvana View Post
The cross you see in your picture was left there by friends of a young couple that went off the road at that spot about 6 years ago now.
The had just gotten married that day and were on their honey moon looking for a place to camp.
The tried to turn around right there and went off the cliff, neither one of them made it.
Very Sad and their friends and family still maintain the memorial cross that you took the picture of.
That's the short story. Although it was tragically to late for the young couple the Emergency Responce was hours late arriving because the reporting party did not give a clear enough description of the accident scene. The responders finally got the correct info, but alas it did not end well.

The info I want everyone to get is that this was avoidable by all party's.

Know before you go!! On dark nites you must make the right choices to avoid these situations. Those that come along and are the first on the scene need to make double sure of the Who's, What's and Where's of the situation.

This applies to all of us that venture into and onto the National Forest. Or for that matter anytime we are somehow involved in any situation. We all mean well but we must make our efforts count!!

I'll take more time on this type subject at a later date. With the Webteams help we hope to develop a whole section on this site to help educate all who take the time to read thru it. Kinda a work in progress right now.
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