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To the picture story posted by Wade.

Wade contacted me for one of the "Ride With a Ranger" oppurtunitys that I offer when I work on the Cle Elum District. As stated our day started at 7am. After the normal office stuff (not so normal this time as the office practiced bugging out so new paint and carpet could be installed). Anyway we headed for the hills.

The thing I discovered the first year I worked this job was that if you take two strangers and put them in the small confines of a jeep and send them to an unbelievable neat place you get the chance to enchange ideas. I have taken Wilderness Rangers with me on motorized trails ( you would not believe what common ideals we share). I have taken the District Ranger out. It was her first time she had ever been in a vehicle offroad (some day ask me about our unintentional slide down a hill backwards). I have taken all my bosses (this is where I learn the most about FS policy). I have taken other complete strangers including my wife (Kim rides with me a lot)(sometimes it's the only way we get weekend time together). All in all it's a goodtime with getting to know others that you may never of had the chance to know. Everyone comes away with a different respect for each other.

I somewhat knew Wade prior to our trip together. After this past weekend we now know each other better and I think we can now more effectively work towards some of our common goals. Working towards a better wheeling oppurtunity for all thru education of our peers and also of those who plan and manage our playgrounds.

Wade, I am glad we had the chance for a daylong exchange. It was a great day. I am glad I got to show you one of my favorite areas. Hope to be able to have you show me arround your stomping grounds.
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