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Originally Posted by marty tilford View Post
Getting ready to go back to work after having a week and a half off. Didn't get to do much because my finger was in stitches. I was able to have some help getting my transmission taken apart. Now I am just waiting for parts so we can get it back together before Summer Convention.

I am having my adapter re-drilled so I can clock the transfer case up. I don't know if it will work until I put it in. Hopefully the front drive line will clear the TH-350. We are re-drilling the pattern on the adapter to the transmission. Has anyone else tried to do this?

Well enough for now. Hope everyone has a good week at work. I hope mine will be good too. At least its only for 3 days then I have Friday off.

Hey Marty,

Thinking of taking the "old" race jeep to Caddilac this weekend for some Summer Convention Barrel practice. Not sure yet.

Friday off.
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