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Originally Posted by JeepNirvana View Post
I think what Wade was referring to is Van-Epps pass, specifically the bowl/meadow on the way there.

None of the meadows at Hawkins would be legal for motorcycles or Wheeling.
Although we did see signs that 4 wheelers had gone beyond the boundaries. Thru the meadow and up the closest ridge. irtDOG:

Both of them have posted signs indicating no motorized vehicles allowed.
Would that be the bowl behind lake Ann. Beatiful alpine lake well worth parking your rig and walking into. Camped out there one year after getting a deer at dusk and was to late and dark (and cold/snow) to hike out by the time I found it and preped it. It was one of the most beautiful nights I have ever spent in the woods under the stars (but **** it got cold even with a nice fire )
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