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Originally Posted by Ceg_ View Post
I am look for info on 4W697 Clover Springs Trail above the Nile Valley.

How hard is the 4W697 trail?
How tight is the 4W697 trail?
How is it running 4W697 in late June?

Does anyone have pictures of the trail they can post to share?

Not hard at all. Very scenic.

Not tight at all. Although going thru Glass creek is tighter. There are a number of 2 track paths thru Glass Creek. Stay on the main trail. The rest of it is open but maze like and gated on one end (Mudsprings). Also if you get on the lowest section of Glass creek there is a narly hill climb. Winching required by many. That is a hard section to find on your own though.

Depends on snow. We were not able to get thru the 3rd weekend of June last year. There is a large snow drift just before Cloversprings most years(coming from Mudsprings). We were able to exit thru Glass Creek. That is one thing good about this trail. The trail takes you in one way and out another (choice of 2 exits) (if Run from Mudsprings towards Cloversprings).

Please note that the trail is the boundry of the William O'Douglas Wilderness. You will be able to tell when you are adjancent to the wilderness when you see red blazes on the trees. If you pull off of the trail you need to go to the side opposite the blazes. To go on the otherside puts you and your motovehicle in the wilderness and subject to a federal violation. I doubt the ORV Ranger would cite you but one of the Wilderness Rangers most likely would. If you notice bypass's to the blazed side of the trail please take a moment to close them. Most bypass's are established by snow blocking the trail.
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