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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
I know the main page has a little blurb about Shore Patrol, but the forum seems to be thought was to add a sub-forum in the following section:

The other annual events all have a sub-forum...why not shore patrol & others?

Pick Up A Mountain is the same weekend as Shore Patrol...PNW4WDA event to clean up Naches folks on the Eastside another option to help instead of driving all the way over to the coast.
OK I did some checking and I got to learn a couple things I did not know.
We now have (thanks to your suggestion) the 6 PNW annual events listed.

Operation Shore Patrol being the oldest PNW event and the only one sanctioned by the state.
Great stuff thanks for the suggestion, now git in der and git to posting..

Oh and feel free to update the calendar at will.

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