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I hope that on this trail people will really heed the restrictions. There is a lot of the trail that is cut into the side of the hill and there is NOT extra space outside of 95". At 95" you are right on the edge of the lip the whole way on these cuts. (Unless of course you plan on running your uphill side of the rig up on the bank the whole way, thereby eroding the hillside prematurely and getting the trail closed.) It is not just spaces between trees that has led to width restrictions.

It is exciting to see such a great trail reopened for us. In the origins of 4x4, this trail width was probably more than adequate for the rigs that ran it (yes I'm sorry to many, but it was Jeeps for the most part) I think retaining it's size and restrictions is a neat way to honor the original trail design for the early years of offroading. The Naches area has TONS of trails without restrictions so if you are too big, put together a day with a few buddies and those that have too big of rigs, can be the ride along spotters for those that do fit.

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