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Originally Posted by Merrick Graves View Post
I am an ORV Ranger with the Naches Ranger District. If you are on your way there and you are 75" with 35psi you are good to go. If you air down and are 76" then you are restricted from running the trail. If the Ranger thought 76" was ok the restriction would of been 76". We do measure rigs.

Find someone with a legal rig and go for a ride with them. Quite frankly there is very little challenge except for the narrow twisty section through the tree's (there is no hillclimb challenge). That section is after the first half of the trail which is nothing other than a drive on a narrow open trail cut into the sidehill.

This is no longer the "Little Rattlesnake" of the old days.
That sounds like my high geared CJ5 just maybe able to do it. She doesn't do good crawling up hill climbs.
Clay Graham

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